lavalan is in demand! wooly wadding

lavalan is machine washable and will retain perfect shape. It’s proven free of harmful substances, breathable and functional in a natural way. lavalan is different. lavalan is superior. lavalan inside a piece of apparel or home textile is an ecologically correct choice. As a result, this natural wadding is already used by a diversity of brands in widely varying products.

Virgin wool

Wool truly is „High-Tech made by nature“. It is a resource of many fascinating properties. Wool is natural – The wool fiber is an annually renewed protein fiber. It is not grown as a resource, but occurs naturally.
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Corn fibers (PLA)

PLA is derived from corn. Corn is a sweet grass originating from Central America. It is a C4 class plant able to efficiently turn available carbon dioxide into bio mass.
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Products with lavalan® wadding, i.e. pure virgin wool and Ingeo™, are machine washability and will retain perfect shape.
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Made in Germany – sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Customer satisfaction – for more than 100 years

Nonwoven materials from Baur isolate and insulate, stabilize, clean and filter. And they protect - from heat, cold, humidity and noise. Mostly invisible for the end customer, our nonwovens can be applied widely. For this reason, our products are indispensable from the most consumer and industrial goods. They fulfill the most different requirements in countless areas of life. Whether thick or thin, fire retardant or especially formable – nonwovens can cater to the most diverse requirements.